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American Warehouse Systems has partnered with WireCrafters in order to bring our clients the highest quality, economical wire partitions available.

Wire partitions can secure valuable products and equipment.  It can also protect personnel from multiple workplace dangers.

We are capable of creating wire partitions of varying strengths from warehouse partitioning to DEA certified enclosures and law enforcement detention cells.

SIMPLE- Wire Crafters modular system utilizes twenty standard panels to accomplish nearly any layout. These panels simply bolt between posts. Drawings provided with each order make installation easy enough for your own personnel.

STRONG- Panels bolt to posts which have welded base plates for direct anchoring to the floor; no brackets or shoes to come loose.

TAMPER-PROOF- Our 3/8" hardware - the heaviest in the industry - is inaccessible from the exterior of the partition, preventing intruders from disassembling the parts to gain access to secured items.

OPEN BUT SECURE- The woven wire mesh construction provides a formidable barrier to intruders, while allowing the free passage of existing lighting, sprinkler, and ventilation systems.

QUICK-SHIPPING- Our continued commitment to customer service dictates that we maintain an inventory of stock size parts ready for shipment with 48 hours of receiving your order.

Pallet Rack Back- Safely contain and protect your products.  Our panels don't just "catch the load", they contain it within the rack itself.  Our rigid system attaches right to the pallet rack uprights to safely contain products and protect personnel from harm.
Physical Barriers- The best means of protection from automated equipment does not have to be an expensive hi-tech item. Physical Barriers from Wire Crafters provide an excellent alternative. Our barriers are a reliable, versatile, and economical answer to personnel safety.
Storage Lockers- Our all steel woven wire storage lockers are ideal for secured storage areas in large rooms or under utilized areas. These lockers will add efficiency to the storage area, secure stored items, and eliminate clutter in room.  Military lockers available, contact us for more information 800-523-0611.

For more information please visit our systems integration site