Mezzanines Accessories

American Mezzanine Systems supplies all mezzanine accessories to complete your system including mezzanine safety gates, mezzanine stairs and ladder systems, mezzanine floor decking, welded handrail and guardrail systems, mezzanine lighting and electrical packages and fire suppression sprinkler systems.

Structural Steel Mezzanines with Safety Gates, Mezzanine Stairs, and All Welded Handrails
Safety Gates for Mezzanines Mezzanine Safety Gates -
American Mezzanine Systems offers several gate varieties to suit your safety and access needs.  We provide Lift Out Gates, Swing Gates, Double Swing Gates, Sliding Gates, Pivot Gates and Corral Gates.  For more specific information on our mezzanine safety gates, please contact us at 877-677-9066 or
Mezzanine Stairs and Ladder Systems-
American Mezzanine Systems offers a large number of mezzanine personnel access options.  We manufacture an all welded stair with open or closed treads and risers either IBC 2003 or OSHA code for public or private mezzanine access.  We also provide knock down stair systems, alternating tread stairways, caged and uncaged ladders and ships ladders.
Stairs and Ladders for Mezzanines
Mezzanines Floor Decking by Resin Deck Mezzanine Floor Decking-
American Mezzanine Systems is a Strategic Partner with Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, manufacturer of ResinDEKŪ mezzanine flooring.  We can provide this high quality mezzanine deck product at very affordable pricing.  Our mezzanine systems can also come with plywood decking, bar grating, steel plank or perforated decking, diamond plate or checker plate steel decking, aluminum decking or any number of other specialty mezzanine deck products.
Mezzanine Handrail and Guardrail Systems-
The standard handrail at American Mezzanine Systems is an all welded three rail guardrail with an integrated kickplate manufactured of 2"x4" tubular steel.  Most mezzanine manufacturers offer this type of handrail as a very expensive option, but at American Mezzanine Systems we believe our customers deserve the best and shouldn't have to pay any extra for it.  Our guardrail is also offered in an IBC 2003 public code version.
Guardrail or Handrail for Mezzanines
Lighting Packages for Mezzanines Mezzanine Lighting Packages- American Mezzanine Systems can fully integrate a lighting package into your mezzanine system based on your requirements.  We use state of the art software to calculate exact light requirements based on your mezzanine application.
Fire Suppression Sprinkler Systems- If you require a fire suppression system with you mezzanines, we are able to provide a turnkey solution.  We will engineer a layout based on your existing system and hazard level under the mezzanine.  We will manage the entire project to avoid the delays caused by numerous vendors and install a seamless system in your facility. Fire Suppression Sprinkler Systems for Mezzanines