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American Mezzanine Systems are sold on GSA # GS-07F-6106P

American Mezzanine Systems is a member of the International Code Council

American Mezzanine Systems is a member of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

American Mezzanine Systems is a member of the Better Business Bureau

Mezzanine Specifications       

American Mezzanine Systems builds only the highest quality mezzanines and mezzanine systems.  We offer several mezzanine features that can only be found here, including but certainly not limited to a Lifetime Mezzanine Warranty and a 2.5 mil epoxy powder coat finish.  We are also one of the only mezzanine manufacturers in the world that is a corporate member of the International Code Council and the Better Business Bureau.

For our complete mezzanine specifications and mezzanine guidelines, follow the links below or you can download a .pdf version of our Mezzanine Specifications Here.
Mezzanine Specifications  -  Mezzanine Guidelines



Structural Steel Mezzanine Specifications

Follow this link to our Mezzanines Specifications pdf

Please use the following specifications as a starting point to create your own mezzanine project specifications.  If you need assistance, feel free to contact us at 877-677-9066.

General -

1. Mezzanines shall be custom designed by an established firm specializing in mezzanine systems such as American Warehouse Systems.

2. Mezzanines design firm shall be a member in good standing with the International Code Council to ensure code compliance and the highest level of structural safety.

3. Final mezzanines design shall be approved by a licensed professional engineer.

4. All finished materials will be made in the United States of America to ensure the highest quality.

5. Mezzanines shall be free standing and shall be capable of being erected, dismantled and relocated with hand tools.

6. Mezzanines fabrication shall be completed by confirmed certified welders.

7. All projects shall come standard with engineered drawings that will meet customers approval before any fabrication begins.

8. Mezzanines structure shall come standard with a printed Lifetime Warranty Certificate. 

Specifications -

1. System Design:  The American Mezzanine System design is completed in accordance with Ninth Edition American Institute Steel Construction (AISC).  The structure shall be designed per the following codes, IBC 2003 and OSHA

2. Vertical Loading shall consist of specified design Loading, plus dead load of structure.  Maximum vertical deflection of beam shall not exceed L/360 (L=beam length).

3. Vertical design Loading shall be as required by application, but not less than the minimum design Loading specified by the governing building code.

4. Seismic design is computed when American Warehouse Systems is informed of the zone in which the mezzanine will be located.

5. The minimum horizontal Loading shall be taken as 3% of the Live loading.  The horizontal Loading shall be combined with the maximum column Load without infringing on the standard AISC factors of safety.  The Lateral deflection of the column shall not exceed h/400 (h=top of deck). 

Mezzanine Column:  Structural support columns shall be totally free standing and constructed from cold formed structural tubing.  All columns shall have a welded top cap to completely seal the tube from any debris.  Columns shall continue past the mezzanine deck to provide a stable structure to attach the guardrail whenever possible.    Minimum column size is 5" x 5" x 07 ga.   Minimum base plate size is 1/2" x 9" x 9".

Columns                  -ASTM A500 Grade B        Fy=46 ksi

Base Plate               -ASTM A36                         Fy=36 ksi

Anchor Bolt -Ramset/Red Head, 1/2" Diameter x 3 3/4" Long 

Mezzanine Beam:  Framing members (beams) shall be constructed from structural Wide Flange beams (standard).  All structural angle connections shall be welded to the beam and made of a minimum of 3/8" thick material.  Distance between bolts of any structural connection shall not exceed 3 1/2".

W-Beam -ASTM A36 Fy=36 ksi

Connections -ASTM A36 Fy=36 ksi 

Mezzanine Hardware:  All structural web connections shall use no less than a 3/4" diameter Grade 5, A449 bolt.  All structural flange connections shall use no less than a 5/8" diameter Grade 5, A449 bolt.  For technical properties see AISC manual page 4-3 to 4-9.  Hardware shall be tightened to a snug tight condition, then the nut shall be turned an additional 1/3 turn.  No high strength bolts should be reused.  Retightening is not considered reuse. 

Web Attachment:  -Grade 5  3/4" x 1 1/2" LG. 

Flange Attachment: -Grade 5  5/8" x 1 1/2" LG. 

Mezzanine Guardrail:  Three rails (11" space), 2" square top rail, 1 1/2" square intermediate rails, 2" x 4" rectangular kickplate.  All tubing use in handrail shall be 14 gauge wall thickness.  Standard handrail is fastened directly to the structural mezzanine columns using self drilling screws. 

Tubing:  -ASTM A500 Grade B Fy=46ksi 

Flat Steel: -A36 Fy=36 ksi 

Mezzanine Stair:  Stairs shall be designed to meet IBC 2003.  Stairs shall be all welded one piece construction shipped completely assembled with exception of guardrail.  Stringers are constructed of MC10 @ 8.4 c-channel and all treads shall be constructed of solid 12 gauge checker plate.  Minimum Length of run is 11" and maximum rise is 7".  Risers shall be closed risers.  Handrail is provided for both sides of the stair and has a 1 1/2" grip.

Mezzanines Finish:  All steel to be finished is to be washed and treated to give it a phosphate etching.  The finish is to be a powder system using epoxy and electrostatic process.  Finish must then be cured in an oven to a temperature of 550 degrees.  The finished thickness must be at Least 2.5 mills. 

Mezzanine Colors: Columns -American Mezzanine Systems Blue

              Beams -American Mezzanine Systems Blue

              Handrail -American Mezzanine Systems Red

             Stair -American Mezzanine Systems Blue

             Bar Joists -Standard Factory Grey

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Mezzanine Guidelines

Fully Engineered Systems- See if your mezzanine supplier has at least one full time Professional Engineer on staff.  Ask if he/she supervises all mezzanines designs.  You will be surprised how many companies don't engineer their systems.
Confirmed Certified Welders- All steel fabrication work should be performed by confirmed certified welders.  A mezzanine system failure could spell disaster for you, make certain all fabrication work is done by professionals.
Build to Code- Yes there are many mezzanine "fabricators" that don't even build their systems to code.  If you are unlucky enough to purchase one of these, you could face fines and/or be forced to remove the structure from your facility.  Even worse you could have a failure and personnel could be seriously injured or killed.  If you are in doubt, please ask for a confirmation in writing, it's for your protection.
Experience / Past Performance- Mezzanine systems are mostly custom products so every application is different and unique, experience matters!  Ask your supplier how many systems they have sold in the last 12 months.  Some mezzanine dealers sell one a year if they are lucky!  Also ask for references names and telephone numbers.  They should be able to supply you with at least a few satisfied customers within the last few months.
Warranty- A credible mezzanine supplier will issue a warranty in writing for their systems.  Usually a warranty will be at least five years but some last the lifetime of the mezzanine.  Mezzanines don't have many moving parts to go bad.  The only real issues are factory defects and low quality materials and/or engineering.  Factory defects will be noticed and corrected during installation so why are so many fabricators afraid to offer lifetime warranties?  Please, for your protection, get a lifetime warranty in writing before you buy.

For more information, please contact us at 877-677-9066 or

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